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DREF Spinning Yarn

Engineered for industrial and commercial water filtration.

DREF spinning yarn offers versatility in applications. Utilizing advanced spinning technology, it ensures reliability with a core-spun yarn design. Packaged conveniently, it's ready for various uses with a size range.

Dref Spinning

mmp is an integrated company for manufacturing filter cartridges. We manufacture everything from filter machine – filtration yarn – core for filter cartridge.

High absorption filtration yarn advantages:

  • Uniform breaking strength along the entire length.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Low flow resistance.
  • Lower weight of filters which makes the cartridge more economical.
  • High filtration efficiency and life of the filter.
  • Good adhesion of the sheath fibers to the core.
  • Long, knot-free lengths.
  • Filtration cartridge is processed efficiently, due to the eradication of thread breaks.

Technical Specification

  • Fiber: Polypropylene/Polyester
  • Spinning Technology: Dref Friction Spun Yarn Count of Yarn: 0.4-1.0 Ne
  • Core Spun Yarn: Multifilament yarn in the core
  • Fiber Denier: 1.4-6 Denier
  • Package Size: 4.5-6.5 kg/spool
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