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Wound Filter Production Machine

Simplify, customize, and filter with ease with the Wound Filter Production Machine.

The Wound Filter Production Machine features advanced technology with a variable frequency motor, servo motor/drive, and automatic stop sensor. With versatile winding core and tube options, this machine ensures precise, gear-free filter pattern changes and low maintenance for efficient operation.
Wound Filter Machine
Technical Name Software Supported Electronic String Wound Filter Machine
Technical Details
  • Encoder with variable frequency motor
  • Servo motor / Servo drive
  • Power : AC 220V/ 50HZ single phase
  • Winding Core Material : Polypropylene, Melt Blown, Stainless Steel, Tinned Steel
  • Winding Tube : 28mm
  • Winding length :  250/254mm, 500/508mm, 750/762mm, 1000/1016 mm
  • Automatic stop sensor
  • Winding OD Diameter : 200mm
  • The pattern and precision of winding by software
  • Ratio Input for winding filters
  • No gears required for changing filter pattern
  • Low maintenance required
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