Filtration is a very important part of our life

Aug 23 2023

flato pdf

mmp Filtration is committed to delivering superior products for various filtration needs. With three decades of experience in the filtration industry, our knowledge has been a driving force behind our daily innovations. We take great pride in introducing our brand, FILATO, designed specifically for DREF filtration yarn, and its exceptional benefits.

In line with the vision of our respected Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to promote "MAKE IN INDIA" and elevate our country's production standards, we are delighted to announce FILATO, the world's first Zero Foaming Friction Spun yarn. FILATO NO. 22 boasts a remarkable advantage - it completely eliminates foam (0 foam), making it the ideal choice for domestic in-line water filters used by numerous companies and consumers in their kitchens for cooking and drinking purposes.

We are pleased to present the unique features of our DREF technology, as exemplified by FILATO NO. 22.

flato pdf