DREF Spinning Yarn

Apr 21 2023

DREF Spinning Yarn

mmp is an integrated company specializing in the manufacturing of filter cartridges. Our comprehensive production process encompasses everything from filter machinery to filtration yarn and the core for filter cartridges.

Notably, mmp holds the distinction of being the first manufacturer of wound polypropylene filter cartridges in India. In 2015, we embarked on a backward integration journey, initiating the in-house production of polypropylene yarn using the innovative friction spinning technology.

The utilization of high-absorption filtration yarn offers several distinct advantages:

  • Uniform Breaking Strength: This yarn maintains consistent breaking strength along its entire length.
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity: It boasts a substantial capacity for holding dirt and impurities.
  • Low Flow Resistance: The yarn minimizes flow resistance, ensuring efficient filtration.
  • Reduced Filter Weight: The resulting filters are lightweight, enhancing their cost-effectiveness.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: Expect superior filtration efficiency and an extended filter lifespan.
  • Effective Sheath Fiber Adhesion: The sheath fibers adhere well to the core, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Long, Knot-Free Lengths: The yarn is characterized by long, knot-free lengths, making it ideal for various applications.
  • Efficient Cartridge Processing: The elimination of thread breaks streamlines filtration cartridge production.
Fiber: Polypropylene/Polyester
Spinning Technology: Dref Friction Spun Yarn
Yarn Count: 0.4-1.0 Ne
Core Spun Yarn: Multifilament yarn in the core
Fiber Denier: 1.4-6 Denier
Package Size: 4.5-6.5 kg/spool

The DREF spinning process, also known as Friction Spinning, operates based on a mechanical and aerodynamic spinning system with internal suction and concurrent rotation of the drums. Drafted slivers are opened into individual fibers by a rotating carding drum covered with saw-toothed wire clothing. These individualized fibers are then stripped from the carding drum by centrifugal force aided by an air stream and transported to the perforated friction drums, where they are held by suction. The resulting yarns are characterized by high resilience, bulkiness, and excellent air permeability.

The Core-Sheath combination produced offers improved resistance, strength, and versatility for various applications, including those that require the use of different yarns in the core.


  • 0.6Ne - 1.5Ne-filter cartridges
  • 7Ne - used in filter fabric where the weft consists of friction-spun yarn

The high air permeability of DREF Friction Spun Yarn significantly enhances the dirt-holding capacity of filter cartridges and fabric, thus improving filtration efficiency. Additionally, this yarn has widespread demand in products like brake linings, brake shoes, clutch linings, cut-resistant gloves, apparel, industrial cables, ropes, and more. It also serves applications using multifilament glass fiber yarn or UHMWPE as the core yarn with Para-Aramid fiber as the sheath.

mmp's DREF yarns find utility in various industries, from upholstery, table cloths, wall coverings, curtains, and handmade carpets to heavy flame-retardant fabrics, conveyor belts, clutches, brake linings, friction linings for the automobile industry, and gaskets, among others. The versatility of DREF yarns opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced and efficient production across a range of sectors.

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