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Distribution Systems for Vessels

MMP Offers a range of moulded polypropylene distribution systems for composite and FRP tanks. These are characteristic of their resistance against chemicals and impact. Some of the features of these products include:

Unique Turn Cam-Lock Hubs & Laterals to make assembly easy and secure
Unique Slot design assures a uniform, vertical distribution of flow and < 5PSI pressure drop
Temperature Rating is 120 deg F
Suitable for Vessel Diameters of 10" to 79"
Compatible with vessels with standard 4” Thread and 6” Flange

Multiport Valves

MMP Offers multiport valves, along with its vessels. These are critical components and are needed for effective flow of water during operation.

All valves in ABS material of construction
Available in sizes of 20NB, 25NB and 40NB
Available in options of Top Mounting and Side Mounting for all sizes
Available for Filter / Softener applications
All Top Mount Valves are supplied with Top and Bottom strainers
In-Out Adaptors with top and bottom strainers available
Brine Detectors for softener valves available

Technical Specifications:

Max Flow Rate: 14 m3/hr @ 0.5 Kg/cm2 pressure drop
End Connections: 1 ½” BSP (f) [ Flanged Connections also available]
Maximum Operating Pressure: 5 Kg/Cm2