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Thigh quality solenoid valves for Pulsing Compressed air in reverse pulse jet dust collectors. The mmp Pulsion is characterised by its advanced design, proven raftsmanship, superior tooling and high quality raw materials.


Precision Aluminum Die Cast Body and Cover
Transparent corrosion resistance surface coating
Rigid Non-LeakingMetal and Rubber Gasket on Diaphragm
High attraction magnetic head on diaphragm for faster and reliable movement
Good Valve actuation even at 85% of rated voltage
Reliable closing capability at as low as 1.5 Bar
Interchangeable parts for valves of different sizes of same series
Highly reliable diaphragm tested to 1 million cycles

Pulsion-Z Series

Coil Voltage: DC 24 +/- 10% and AC 220 +/- 10%
Working Media: Oil Free Compressed Air
Operating Temperature: - 10 deg C to 55 deg C
Life: Diaphragm designed for 1 million cycles